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Saddle Sauce

We're back with our favorite Victorian bawd Pandora Blake this week, as her rather lascivious employer David Oak notes the condition in which she's left his best saddle. The aftereffects of Pandora's wanton mood during their earlier encounter are all too obvious to brothelkeeper David as he inspects his tack. Perhaps there's something to the idea; he could found a factory of fillies, as his smart-mouthed employee suggests. If he did, he'd know just how to keep them in line. With his favorite riding crop in hand he ensures that Pandora learns a lesson about the proper way to care for his equipment, exposing the perfect bottom beneath her voluminous skirts and warming her up with his hand before administering her real punishment.This is the final part of a trio of films in this story, and Pandora's last spanking is one to remember!More Free Previews from Pandora's Dreams of Spanking

Part 1 is HerePart 2 is Here
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Pandora Blake
Pandora's Dreams of Spanking Free Preview SitesPandora Blake Spanking SiteMore Free SpankingFree sites presented by Kinky Tom ADVERTISEMENTWhen Becci arrives for her first week at the Sunday School - an accelerated study course that promises huge personal and academic improvements from just a single day of learning - she's not sure what to expect. What she doesn't expect, though, is to be bent over the teacher's lap, spanked soundly, humiliated thoroughly and given a neatly-pressed school uniform to wear. Still, it works. Over the course of the afternoon, much of which is spent sat at an old-fashioned little school desk, she writes essays, hears lectures, learns what it feels like to be caned and transforms her manners. This Pygmalion-esque tale will make you laugh, wince and beg for more - the discipline is strict and the punishments are harsh, and nobody leaves Sunday School quite the same as they arrived.