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Bent Over For The Brush

I have something of a love-hate relationship with the clothes brush. I know how much it hurts, but at the same time I find it undeniably erotic. Its effect is a combination of sting and thud: the best of both worlds – or is it the worst? The pain of it can make me squirm and howl, but all the time there are those lovely feelings of helplessness, and the slow burn of arousal that grows with every heavy thump on my poor thighs and bottom.More Free Previews from Pandora's Dreams of Spanking

Wearing my shortest denim shorts, I'm told to bend over and spread my legs, ready for the brush. The first strokes are almost pleasurable, but my mind is racing ahead to how it will feel when my shorts come down and I'm left with only my little lacy panties for protection. I can't help giving my poor hot bottom a comforting rub halfway through my punishment. You can see how much my cheeks have pinkened. The final six are on the bare, and they really, really hurt, but the sensation is still undeniably erotic. When I'm sent to stand nose to the wall I want to give my burning bottom another rub, but I'm made to stand with my hands on my head. I wonder what will happen if I disobey instructions again...
Mark B. Goodknight says: Delish! But also ouchy.
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Pandora Blake
Pandora's Dreams of Spanking Free Preview SitesPandora Blake Spanking SiteMore Free SpankingFree sites presented by Kinky Tom ADVERTISEMENTOn a dirty lesbian weekend, Pandora gives her lover a rude awakening, dragging her out of bed and shoving her under the shower. She's decided Ten is a filthy slut who needs cleaning up! She soaps Ten's perfectly curved body and spanks her round bottom until it's red and glowing. The water turns Ten's satin nightie and white cotton knickers clinging and see through, and Ten quickly learns that being strapped with heavy wet leather stings so much more. But those aren't the only things getting wet in this steamy girl-girl spanking scene.