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Dreams of Spanking

Pandora Blake Spanking Star

Welcome to Pandora Blake's Spanking Site, a free content preview site of 'Dreams of Spanking', the award-winning production studio from one of the most famous and most exciting spanking performers on the net, Pandora Blake. Pandora is a UK spanking performer, sexual freedom activist and blogger. 'Dreams of Spanking' is the culmination of several years of inspiration and hard work. It represents Pandora's personal spanking kink as honestly as anything else she has ever done. 'Dreams of Spanking' offers high-quality, beautiful spanking films, photo galleries and audio stories which please the senses and excite the imagination. Here you'll find some free preview scenes, including hard spanking, traditional English punishment, severe caning, historical storylines, edgy fantasies, romance, drama, adventure and heartfelt dominance and submission.

DOS Classics - Tammy's Shame at Dreams of SpankingJul 01Tammy's aunt is so strict. She won't even let her wear skirts inside the house. Ms Howard believes that having her knickers on display will teach Tammy some humility. Plus, it means she can't leave the house without asking permission - unless she wants to walk out of the door in her underwear!
Timed PaddlingNEWSarah's rules are clear: Blake needs to look after themselves, keep to their agreed routine and most importantly make sure they're always in bed on time. For weeks now they've been staying up late, ignoring the rules and failing to help out around the house and do as they're told.
A God-Fearing Christian Girl - HQ ImagesJohn is a modern, progressive kind of guy - and he's running a modern, progressive kind of farm. But there's a cost, and it must be paid by Sarah's bare backside - which is how she winds up kicking and wriggling in pain over Mrs. Cheever's lap.
Lady's CompanionLady Pandora Blake wishes to introduce Miss Rosie Bower to any number of new sensations - including that of a disciplinary painful hairbrush spanking, both over hosiery and straight on the bare bottom.
The New Head GirlThe Housemaster, the nervous new Head Girl, and a CP tutorial with the naughtiest girl in the school. What could possibly go wrong? An extended, edgy scene packed full of whackings and dark comedy.
Goddess Lana's New SlaveGoddess Lana runs an exacting operation, with a whole collection of willing steeds at her disposal. This fantastical BDSM scene stars a black femme domme and a white gender-queer butch sub, between them subverting a whole host of kinky tropes in a deeply compelling way.
Molly Malone & Pandora Blake - NegotiationThey demonstrate techniques including how bottoms can communicate with their tops without breaking out of a submissive role, how tops can check in with their bottoms and find out what they want, and suggest tips and tricks to help new play partners read each other and communicate effectively.
Dreams Of Spanking Classics - Even Teachers Make Mistakes - HQ Photos PreviewSix of the best on the bare are duly delivered, as the camera alternates between lingering lovingly on Pandora's bottom as each stroke blooms across her cheeks, and capturing the play of expressions across her face as the cane makes its mark.
I Watched My Boyfriend's Judicial StrappingPandora slips off her red silk underwear to reveal a bottom that is itself a little red - she's clearly been spanked recently. She climbs, naked, onto a leather-topped table that stands alone in a bare, institutional room, and she tells us a story.
His Spanked WifePandora is waiting in the corner. Her red bottom is exposed in sheer, frilly panties; her dress is pulled up around her waist. She's been spanked once already, but she knows the punishment isn't over yet. She knows that what comes next will be so much worse.
Sensual Hand SpankingWearing elegant stockings and black lacy knickers, Pandora Blake melts over the knee. John Phillip gives her a firm hand spanking just how she likes it in this sensual candid porn film.
Spread For The StrapIt's been a long, hard day making spanking films, and Pandora is in need of something to help them wind down. Real life partners Stephen and Kelley have just the solution: an thorough hand spanking to warm up, followed by a tag-teamed double strapping with a pair of beautiful leather straps.
Aroused DisciplinarianIf you've watched The Naughty Nanny you'll love what happens next… Pandora Blake gets so aroused spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford that she can't resist the urge to give herself a taste of the wooden ruler.
Spanking Sensuality at Dreams of SpankingFreshly caned and completely naked, Mila and Pandora examine each other's marks. The two young ladies enjoy a leisurely exploration of sensual spanking for mutual pleasure which leaves both of them rather hot and flustered!
The Cane And The CuriousFor years now, Prefect Blake has been bringing errant students before the Headmistress. She's in the Upper Sixth now, and she's watched more spankings than she can remember. It's only natural, surely, that she should have become a little curious. So she's come up with a plan...
Subversive Spanking PornJoin Pandora Blake Spanking as they guide you through a retrospective of 9 years of Dreams of Spanking, looking at some of the most iconic and impactful movies they've produced. Get this 1 hour 33 minutes retrospective in your Dreams of Spanking Membership.
Captured Pirate QueenEmboldened by fury and refusing to submit, Rosie finds herself bound and exposed while her greatest enemy beats her, fondles her and leaves her thoroughly humiliated. She knows she'll be at the mercy of the Susan's entire crew if she doesn't give in...
D.O.S. Classics - The Morpheus Club: Pandora's InitiationSo much happens in this 37-minute BDSM epic. Specifically, Amelia Jane Rutherford demonstrates grueling slavegirl postures and submits to strapping, spanking, hot wax and a flogging on her back and bottom, and does it all with sublime grace and poise.
The GiftBefore long Becci is completely naked and bent over the bench, taking a heavy back flogging from Kelley with gasps of pleasure as Stephen spanks them. We're left with the impression that the night isn't over yet - this trio will be enjoying each other's company for some time to come.
Charley SaysRaver bunny Molly has been out dancing all night. When Pandora finds out she's been accepting party drugs from strangers, she takes Molly over the knee for a painful lesson with the hairbrush.
I Watched My Boyfriend's Judicial StrappingPandora slips off her red silk underwear to reveal a bottom that is itself a little red - she's clearly been spanked recently. She climbs, naked, onto a leather-topped table that stands alone in a bare, institutional room, and she tells us a story.

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Pandora BlakeAlex ReynoldsSarah GregoryAmelia Jane RutherfordClara HewittMaddy MarksWillowChristy CutieCleo DivineJayda BlayzeTen AmoretteLeia Ann WoodsCaroline GreyZoe MontanaJas JayBirdLola MarieMolly MaloneAdele HazeKelley MayAnastasia St. ClaireXenaEryn RoseNimue AllenLana MoonMike PainTai CrimsonRosie BowerEmma Christie 

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DOS Classics - The Other SchoolHeadmaster Paul Kennedy raises an eyebrow when the girls bravely suggest that he split the caning punishment between the four of them – as it's clear that the discrepancy is unfair. It may be unorthodox but, impressed by their honesty and their sense of justice he accepts the offer.
Jayda's Self-Spanking - HQ Images PreviewIf you're a self-spanking fan, you're going to love this one. Jayda warms herself up beautifully before working through a fantastic collection of implements - a rubber spoon, hairbrushes and bath brushes, even a heavy paddle replete with holes for extra sting.
Mater Familias - Images PreviewWhen Debbie spends the night sleeping over with her best friend, she learns that in their house, Harriet still gets old-fashioned Enid Blyton style spankings to settle her teenage infractions. Curious Debbie is secretly delighted when her friend's mother gives her the opportunity to witness this anachronistic event firsthand.
Leather Shorts at Dreams of SpankingDressed in tiny leather shorts and knee-high leather boots, she teases Thomas Cameron until he has her bent over, against a wooden post for support, ready to be paddled out in the open.
Introducing Mrs SmithThis gallery accompanies an epic feature film. It's a darkly comedic historical birching fantasy based on the (nearly) true story of the real-life 1890s rogue disciplinarian Mrs Walter Smith, who caused a scandal by applying severe corporal punishment upperclass young ladies at her private school.
Day Ten Of Her TrainingSecretary Leia-Ann Woods is determined to take her punishments with grace. Lifting her skirt and bending over to touch her toes, Leia-Ann takes her punishment stoically. She counts off the stinging strokes as the caning continues, determined to please her fault-finding boss.

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Read 16 OlderKlausHello from germany :-) She was not on popular sites since long time. Is she ok, is she still spanking model?ElenoreWe love you Pandora!EdmondPandora, thank you for the new updates, fantastic work as alwaysJohnhello pandora,iam john,i live in france.i would like do a scene of spank with youWWWI spank you hard!!!divI would like to know where to find the video of when you are spanked whilst playing the role of pennyBIG M.WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD A DOG'S LIFE? LOVE YOUR VIDEOS, AND YOU.JumboWhat a fabulous bum you haveJoachimHello Miss Pandora Blake. I've just watched a video clip where you and Miss Sarah Gregory were together. I have to really give, that I liked the video very much and I wanted the same from you Miss Pandora Blake and Miss Arah Gregory to be really put over the knee and get it right on the nude until every flase and impudence expelled is. That's just my thoughts. I just wanted to say two beautiful women in a video clip is just very nicejonny122333Hello Miss Pandora Blake! I am lucky, when I see a new video with you and your naked ass. Your butt is great, sexy, absolut crazy and soooooo wonderful!The GuyHa! not even Pandoras fabulous bottom getting spanked will make me loose No Nut NovemberPabloUpdates?TrumanHello Pandora, love your work and wondered in you might consider a story written for you to perform in audio. If so, please contact me with some guidence of your submission requirements. Thank you. I am at: R******@********* TrumanHowardPandora I would love to spank you sexy bottom hardRoy boyI went to school 1942/1952 the cane & slipper still in use for male & females .United StatesHi I am Doug and I love spanking women bare bottom and then anal them even teen girls 18 cause we both would be naked I would love to do a video of thatJohnny BHi Pandora how can I visit you for spanking ?Need oneHalal Pandora seen your movies and films would love so much to get I bare bottom spanking off you I would think I will get I just hard spanking like I had at school and it turns me on on to think that you could do that that to me I am over your knee and being told off or you you that I am getting this spanking because I am a very naughty boydcive adored you since i first saw that beautiful bum being spanked xRalfHello Mrs. Pandora, when will you be punished completely naked againAnonymousBin Detlef und würde dich gerne übers Knie legen und mit der flachen Hand den nackten Hintern versohlenPaul BarnesDear Pandora, i just wanted you to know that i have bought several of your clips from clips4sale, i found them very good, i just love the way those clips are put together.SirMiss Blake. You like to receive it. I LIKE TO GIVE IT. Such a pity for us both we could not meet up and talk about it. My subwife has a bottom just like yours. You would look so good together.盛常帅I love you盛常帅你们会说中文吗?AnonymousI love you so muchAdd your CommentRead All ( 26 )

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F/M Spanking Punishments

Sometimes there's no way around, time for the girls to exact revenge on the men! At Dreams of Spanking you will also find a large amount of painful F/M spanking, paddling and caning videos! All you evil men out there, remember, what goes around, comes around :-)

Prove Your LoveTwo college sweethearts, Michael Darling and Pandora Blake, both players in their time, want to prove their commitment. Copying the fraternities they each bend over for the wooden paddle: 'If you take this, you must really love me!'
Slight Damage To The Rear EndWhen the distinguished Sir John crashes his car into Molly Malone's, she doesn't let him off just because he's Chair of the Board of Governors. John is given a choice – Molly can call the police, or he can submit to a good hard spanking.
The Russian Treatment - Part 2She starts the last session by administering a firm hand spanking on his bare buttocks, which are marked red from the previous treatments, including a caning from Nurse Molly earlier in the week. She moves on to working with the leather strap, beginning with fifteen strokes with its softer side.
Nursing a GrudgeCheeky Vincent thinks nothing of giving the nurse a friendly pat on the bottom after his medical appointment - but Nurse Malone won't have it. She pulls Vincent over her lap and gives him a few smacks in return, but even the embarrassment of an over the knee spanking doesn't get through to him.
Defying Her DominanceHis lack of repentance earns him a paddling and some corner time, but that's not all. Pandora makes it clear that this isn't the only sore red bottom he'll get for this transgression - after all, she can't declare the punishment over until he's accepted the error of his ways!
The Loose HemAre those stocking or tights you're wearing under your trousers?' Vincent holds the hem of the skirt against him as Molly undoes his belted waist band and his trousers drop to his ankles. Molly gasps with delight as she sees that his legs are indeed clad in sheer black stockings...
Spank My HoleThis film is a truly immersive treat for lovers of corporal punishment and dirty talk: Tai presents herself beautifully, bottom raised high as she whimpers and wriggles beneath the wide selection of toys Pandora's laid out for the two of them to explore.
Help QuittingIt was Sebastian who came up with the idea of an impromptu punishment after coming home smelling like smoke, despite saying he had quit. Pandora didn't go easy on him - this spanking was hard. And he took it like an absolute hero, even though afterwards he confessed he'd been close to the limit.
InvitationsCaroline and Amelia enlist Will the footman to deliver some counterfeit invitations to a forthcoming dinner party. Governess Miss Blake finds out the plot, and disciplines all three conspirators with the dreaded cane!
The Clone's TrainingPandora Blake orders the clone to strip, and - noting that the Prince recently sustained a bruise on his hip – she punches him in just the right place to make sure his marks match. Then it's time for the final step to prepare him for this mission: corporal punishment.
The Whipping BoyThe spanking and caning are hard, but the emotions of the young lovers' plight is the most intense aspect of this scene. Their devotion to one another is plain to see as they cling to each other, offering comfort as real tears stream down Jimmy's face.
Yielding To Her DominanceWhen Carlos got home from the pub he was unrepentant: bratty, recalcitrant and stubbornly refusing to accept that he was in the wrong. His strict disciplinarian girlfriend punished him, of course - all he needed to do was send a text to say he'd be home late and he hadn't bothered with even that!
Maintaining DisciplineIt might be a novelty to new teacher Ms Blake, but for Headmaster Mike Pain, institutional corporal punishment is part of running a school. After hearing reports that Pandora Blake's art classes are a little out of control, he invites her to his office for some friendly guidance on discipline.
Marital DisciplineWhen I sat down with Mike before our shoot to discuss scene ideas and asked him if he had any particular fantasies he'd like to explore, he confessed that he didn't often fantasize about spanking: age play was much more his thing.
Her Ladyship's BreakfastLady Adele likes the look of her handsome new butler. She has him wait on her at breakfast, and sets him up for a fall. He doesn't respond to her, at first. Perhaps the footmen have warned him about the eccentricities of their mistress.
The Baroness' New HouseboyThe Baroness' girls are brought in to help initiate the new houseboy. Amelia uses her skill with rope to bind Will in a flattering tie that accentuates his toned buttocks, and Caroline and the Baroness both take a turn spanking him with hand and leather strap to see how he reacts.
Introducing Jimmy HollowayMeet Jimmy as he reveals his butch and femme sides in a striptease both innocent and provocative by turns. Once he's fully nude, Pandora takes him over her lap for his first ever spanking on camera.
Mike's SecretPandora begins with Mike's own leather paddle – hard, stinging strokes that turn Mike's bottom dark pink, then a vicious thrashing with the heavy leather strap as Mike gasps and tries not to twist away from the relentless thrashing. Finally, the cane.
The Undergardener's BirchingAfter being spotted sneaking back into the estate after a night out drinking, undergardener Sebastian is taken to task by the strict Housekeeper. She bares his bottom for 30 stinging strokes of the birch.
Sent to the HeadmistressPandora Blake plays the strict headmistress in this modern day corporal punishment scene. David Weston is the naughty schoolboy waiting outside her office to find out what his fate will be. David has never been slippered before - will the experience change his ways?
I Want BruisesDavid has been curious about the cane for a long time - but a little frightened of it, too; after all, it's an implement with a reputation for being extremely difficult to take. By the end he's glowing bright red and feeling amazing - and he's got some wonderful welts and bruises to enjoy, too.
Slave for a DayNimue decides to make use of the spanking implements she's scavenged from around the house, even though he hasn't disobeyed her, he starts to object. But according to the rules of their bet, there's nothing he can do about it.
The GalleristasGuerilla activists are on a mission to bring equality to the art world. The girls pounce on unsuspecting male gallery owners and beat them until they promise to represent more female artists. Viva la revolution!
The Evil BabysitterSebastian looks great in this, giving a wonderful performance as the sulky, recalcitrant teen, and his facial expressions while being spanked are just amazing. I love the look on his face at some of the outrageous things she says.
PlagiarismMike's procrastination problem has landed him in big trouble. He took his punishment beautifully, and Dana delivered both the spanking and the scolding with blazing authority. The hottest thing about this scene for me was the eye contact; holding Mike's gaze as he struggled under the strap.
Spanked By StepmotherShould a stepmother be allowed to deal out corporal punishment - even if she's only a year older than her stepson? Molly certainly thinks so, as she insists on giving Alexander a smacked bottom for his unseemly behavior.
The Spanked HouseboyAndrew has been working all morning, cleaning Pandora's house, sweeping and mopping the floors. He ducks outside the back door for a well-earned smoke break. Unfortunately, his mistress catches him and drags him back indoors for a sound over the knee spanking.
ADVERTIZE HERESophia has been in trouble once again at school... Stepmom will not tolerate this type of behavior, especially from her husband's precious bratty daughter. If Sophia is to live under the same roof, then she will have to learn to behave like a proper young lady. After a stern telling-off, naughty Sophia is taken over the maternal lap for a well overdue, good old-fashioned spanking. First, she is spanked by hand across her bare bottom and then with the dreaded wooden hairbrush. Sophia cries out in pain from the stinging implement and uses foul language when it becomes too much to bear. This triggers further punishment as she is dragged off to the bathroom by the ear for her first-ever frothy, sudsy mouth soaping. With repeated washing and drooling, her nasty kisser is cleansed of the filthy language it emitted earlier. This is one double punishment Sophia won't forget anytime soon!TermsLegal InfoPrivacyCookiesDMCASite LinksNews PageFree SitesNew ModelsFriend's SitesLinksSearchWebmasterAbout UsAdvertize With UsLink ExchangeBuy this domainSocialNewsletterShareContact