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Dreams of Spanking

Pandora Blake Spanking Star

Welcome to Pandora Blake's Spanking Site, a free content preview site of 'Dreams of Spanking', the award-winning production studio from one of the most famous and most exciting spanking performers on the net, Pandora Blake. Pandora is a UK spanking performer, sexual freedom activist and blogger. 'Dreams of Spanking' is the culmination of several years of inspiration and hard work. It represents Pandora's personal spanking kink as honestly as anything else she has ever done. 'Dreams of Spanking' offers high-quality, beautiful spanking films, photo galleries and audio stories which please the senses and excite the imagination. Here you'll find some free preview scenes, including hard spanking, traditional English punishment, severe caning, historical storylines, edgy fantasies, romance, drama, adventure and heartfelt dominance and submission.

Caned Soles, Caned Bottom - Image PreviewNEWBack out comes the cane, ready for some bastinado beating to the soles of Willow's pretty feet and a few angry red stripes over Pandora's already-smarting welts. By the end, the girls are more resolute than ever: they really must clean up their act, or who knows what will happen to them next?
The Governor's RevengeNEWMichael Stamp reckons he knows just how to motivate slackening Pandora Blake to get back on track! He gets her over his lap and administers a gorgeously sore OTK bare-handed spanking, leaving her glowing rose-red and rubbing her backside.
Mater Familias - Images PreviewNEWWhen Debbie spends the night sleeping over with her best friend, she learns that in their house, Harriet still gets old-fashioned Enid Blyton style spankings to settle her teenage infractions. Curious Debbie is secretly delighted when her friend's mother gives her the opportunity to witness this anachronistic event firsthand.
Havelock's Campaign - The New LieutenantNEWHer Majesty's Hussars are off on campaign. Major Harry Havelock congratulates new Lieutenant Shada on his promotion, and introduces the boy to the privileges of rank: wine, wenching, and whipping beautiful girls!
The Book Thief - Chapter 1NEWA heavily pregnant Eve X spots a few things they like in Sai Jaiden Lillith's bookshop - but winds up accused of theft, strip-searched and soundly spanked against the shelves. A very special X/F spanking production from the Dreams of Spanking Studio.
Caned At MidnightNEWWhen the time arrives, Rosie bends over the chaise and presents Pandora with her gorgeous, reddened, exposed backside. It's not long before the clock is striking, the fireworks are decorating the night sky and Rosie has a set of red-hot welts she'll be feeling all through January.
D.O.S. Classics - Late for a DateNEWA dreams of Spankings Classic. Pandora is hugely apologetic at having kept Molly waiting. It's only the second date and Pandora has already messed up. After keeping Molly waiting for an hour, she agrees she needs to be punished. Can a hard hand spanking provide catharsis - and forgiveness?
How It All BeganNEWTo celebrate our tenth anniversary, we've uncovered something special for you: an unseen, unreleased film of Pandora a whole decade ago, discussing their hopes and dreams for their new spanking studio project mixed in with a sensual self-spanking and a few clips from some of our early scenes.
Tammy's Shame at Dreams of SpankingTammy's aunt is so strict. She won't even let her wear skirts inside the house. Ms Howard believes that having her knickers on display will teach Tammy some humility. Plus, it means she can't leave the house without asking permission - unless she wants to walk out of the door in her underwear!
The Seating PlanTen Amorette gives sister-?in-?law Pandora Blake a firm over the knee spanking through sheer tights. Will Pandora treat Ten's brother right? A hard hairbrush spanking on the bare bottom should make sure.
Erotic Spanking at Dreams of SpankingDressed only in high patent fetish heels, sheer stockings, and black lacy knickers, Pandora Blake is ready for an intimate erotic spanking. Pandora winces at the pain, while revelling in the sensual pleasure of receiving an over the knee spanking from her lover.
Beating The HeadmasterPrefect Blake has always been a good girl - and a better student. She relishes the power her shiny prefect's badge gives her, and never passes up an opportunity to keep a misbehaving fellow student in line. She's firm but fair, and considers it only right that she upholds the school's traditions.
Blackmail Material at Dreams of SpankingIn this dark, blackmail porn scene Ten arrives at Paul's house in a tight dress, flirting until he takes her over his knee for a hand spanking. To get the red marks she needs, Ten teases him further, getting him to bend her over the sofa for a harsh session with his belt.
Over His KneeHand spanking, pure and simple. Intimacy, trust, affection - and 20 minutes of hard over the knee spanking, increasing speed and severity until Pandora's bottom and thighs are red and sore.
Eryn Dreams Of SpankingEryn has been waiting for this for a long time. When they get out of the bath, their instructions are waiting in a letter on the hotel room dressing table: strip off, present, be ready. There's a collection of implements: a pair of straps, shiny paddles made of padded leather and polished wood.
Surprised in the Garden at Dreams of SpankingThomas fetches a birch and together, he and Michael prepare a sexy surprise for their naked submissive. Pandora Blake loves being naked outdoors. Enjoying the privacy of her garden, she takes off her white sundress and continues to work in the nude.
The Cane in the CupboardThis hot F/F caning film is based on a true story. It's 1984, and the cane has been banned - but that won't stop sadistic probation officer Molly Malone giving Nimue Allen an undeserved punishment caning.
How To Make A BirchThe creation of a birch is an age-old process with a very specific ritual to it; in places where miscreants were given judicial birchings, many were tasked with cutting and binding their own as part of their punishment. It's a surprisingly sensual process for any spanking fan.
He Wouldn't Spank MePandora is disappointed after a lackluster date with an underwhelming top. She take matters into her own hands - literally - and finally she gets the spanking and juicy orgasm she so desperately.
Hitting The Sales TargetsPandora Blake hasn't been hitting her sales targets - but thankfully her boss Clara Hewitt knows just how to deal with an underperforming employee. Until Faerie Willow arrives to switch things up, that is!
Tammy's Shame at Dreams of SpankingTammy's aunt is so strict. She won't even let her wear skirts inside the house. Ms Howard believes that having her knickers on display will teach Tammy some humility. Plus, it means she can't leave the house without asking permission - unless she wants to walk out of the door in her underwear!

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Eve XPandora BlakeAmelia Jane RutherfordSarah GregoryAlex ReynoldsClara HewittFaerie WillowMaddy MarksTen AmoretteCleo DivineWillowJayda BlayzeChristy CutieLola MarieCaroline GreyMolly MaloneNimue AllenEryn RoseLeia Ann WoodsAdele HazeRosie BowerKelley MaySai Jaiden LillithJas JayBirdBecci BelacquaPharaohAnastasia St. ClaireErica Scott 

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Caned in the Parlour at Dreams of SpankingPandora Blake must have been very naughty to get such a humiliating punishment. Summoned to the parlour, Thomas Cameron makes her lift her skirts and bend over for a caning. The first strokes land hard on her bottom, stinging through her white knickers.
Wooden Spoon SpankingPoor Pandora is spanked with a wooden spoon across her bare bottom for misbehaving again. Tears and despair on Pandora's face, desperately begging that this terrible punishment will be over soon.
Pandora Blake In Big TroubleMr Pain holds her hand tenderly as they descend to the dining room, but it is clear that he stern enough to deliver a hard punishment. He scolds her, and has her kneel in the corner with her hands behind her head. While she waits, he fetches a cane.
Jenny Wren at Dreams of SpankingShe nervously awaits the Superintendent in a private room of the HQ. She's heard rumors about some of the more severe disciplinary methods still employed in the Service, but so far hasn't experienced any punishment worse than extra physical training or tedious chores.
Introducing Mrs SmithThis gallery accompanies an epic feature film. It's a darkly comedic historical birching fantasy based on the (nearly) true story of the real-life 1890s rogue disciplinarian Mrs Walter Smith, who caused a scandal by applying severe corporal punishment upperclass young ladies at her private school.
Provoking A CaningPandora, in a skin-tight little black dress with sexy cutaways, poses and teases, and does her best to provoke Felix into giving her what she wants and deserves a severe caning. Felix, Pandora's real life partner, both takes the photos and administers the strokes.

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