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The Flogging of Blake

Pandora Blake, spanking, f/f, prison, bound, whipping

Prisoner Pandora Blake has been sentenced by the Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison to receive a flogging. In the punishment room the cross frame is waiting for her. Prison Officer Jean Bradley has been given the privilege of administering the flogging. The first order she barks at Pandora is to strip. So the poor girl obeys immediately. Then she fastens Pandora's wrists and ankles to the cross - after checking to ensure that the buckles are securely buckled. Now the flogging starts. The multi leather fronds of the flogger snake across the frightened girls bottom, causing her to scream loudly.Again and again the flogger elicit screams from her. What's happening? The flogging has stopped. But if Pandora thinks it is all over she is mistaken. Officer Bradley releases her from the bonds and tells her to turn round. Her wrists and ankles are once again strapped to the cross - but this time her breasts are the target. Officer Bradley kindly suggests that she holds her head up. The flogger strikes her naked breasts and her screams of pain echo around the punishment room. When Officer Bradley eventually stops the thrashing - she leaves poor Pandora still secured to the cross - telling her she should think about what has just happened and why.

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