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Rough Treatment

Zoe Page, Pandora Blake, spanking, f/f, otk, slipper, prison, uniform

Prisoner Pandora Blake has sneaked into another prisoner's cell. She's looking for something specific. She looks under the mattresses on the bunk bed, inside the metal locker - on top and under it, but she can't find what she's looking for. However, inside the locker are the cell owner's spare tunics. She rummages through the pockets and eureka she's found what she was looking for - a razor. As she has discovered - other prisoners can endanger the lives of their fellow prisoners, so Pandora puts the razor she has found into her own pocket - just in case she might need it.Unfortunately, just as she's putting the razor into her pocket she has company - it's Prison Officer Zoe Page - who wants to know why Prisoner Pandora Blake is in another prisoner's cell - instead of being outside with all the other prisoners. And what was it she put in her pocket? Pandora tells Zoe that she felt lonely and was looking for someone to talk to. As Zoe doesn't trust Pandora - she's not buying that story. So she searches her. It doesn't take her long to find the razor. Having sharp objects is against the prison rules and Zoe grabs the opportunity to punish poor Pandora for a host of other offences both real and imaginary.Being a prison officer gives Zoe a chance to use her evil imagination and humiliate the prisoners in her care. For a start she has poor Pandora on her knees kissing her shoes. Then thinking ahead, she vandalizes the cell to make it look like Pandora has done it. And being a fair minded Prison Officer she has to punish Pandora for making a mess of another prisoner's cell. Therefore Pandora is subjected to a prolonged spanking that leaves her bottom red and swollen. In fact she's in so much pain and distress she admits to being guilty on several counts of misdemeanors, just to stop the attack on her bottom.Feeling pleased with herself - Zoe Page has once again reduced a prisoner to a gibbering mess - she sends Pandora to join her fellow prisoners outside. Yet she's still not finished with Pandora Blake - she carries on vandalizing the cell and makes a real mess of it. No doubt poor Pandora is going to be punished again for something she hasn't done.

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