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Pandora Blake - Intake Day

Pandora Blake, prison, uniform, spanking, f/f

Prison Officer Lewis escorts the latest prisoner into the Intake Office. New prisoners are introduced into prison life - it's called Intake Day and all prisoners have to go through with it. Today it's Pandora Blake's turn. Prison Officer Lewis brings her into the room with her wrists handcuffed behind her back. He tells Matron and Prison Officer Jean Bradley that this prisoner spells trouble - but he has other things to attend to and with his regret and apologies he leaves Pandora in the capable hands of Matron and Prison Officer Bradley.Unfortunately for her, Prisoner Blake believes that she will be all right and will be able to cope with prison life - after all it's only for a year. Her crime was theft from several department stores. It is explained to her by the two women - that while she's in prison she addresses male prison officers as sir and female prison officers as ma'am and matron as matron. Her efforts to be brave and tough it out don't go down well with her tormentors - who are cruel and sadistic - and soon have her writhing about being bent over the desk while she is initially hand spanked on her bare bottom by Prison Officer Bradley - who then changes to using a leather paddle to further redden her poor bottom.As the spanking continues, she starts crying and Matron and Prison Officer Bradley take great pleasure in goading her and laughing at her predicament. Eventually, her spirit broken, she appeases the two women by addressing them in the correct manner. Now she has to take off her own clothing and put on the prison uniform. The red tunic / dress is shorter than normal due to her height. But as Prison Officer Bradley points out - it will be easier to get to her bottom whenever punishment is necessary - which will be a daily occurrence for the full 365 days she will be in prison.

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