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Lipsticks And Big Sticks

Pandora Blake, spanking, f/f, paddle, prison, uniform

Prisoner Pandora Blake is lying face down on the top bunk in her prison cell. Officers Stephen Lewis and Jean Bradley come in unannounced and order her to come down and stand on the floor at the side of the bunk beds. She demands to know why they are treating her in this way. But they are quick to point out - as a prisoner of the state, she has no rights. Then the truth comes out - one of the other prisoners has had some makeup stolen and as nothing has ever gone missing before she arrived, the finger of suspicion points at her.She protests loudly, but her pleas of being innocent, fall on deaf ears. Still struggling and protesting, she is forced to bend over the top bunk - her hands are held tightly by Officer Lewis, while Officer Bradley uses a big leather paddle on her bare bottom. Unfortunately, because Officer Bradley is striking out at her so vehemently - the paddle breaks, this upsets her assailant, who mourns the loss of her favourite paddle. Yet, Officer Lewis like a good boy scout has another instrument of torture, just in case.Eventually, she admits that she did steal the makeup - anything to stop the torture on her poor bottom. She is led away into solitary confinement - tears of distress meandering down her face. Poor Pandora - what else is she going to have to endure while serving her prison sentence?

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