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Brush Strokes

Pandora Blake, spanking, m/f, f/f, otk, prison, uniform

Prisoner Pandora Blake was ineffectually pushing a brush around the office floor - she was not exactly thrilled with her job. So she decides it's time for a break and brings a cigarette out of her pocket, lights it and takes a satisfying deep breath. Suddenly she is no longer alone with her sweeping brush. Prison Officers Jean Bradley and Stephen Lewis have come to join the party. The cigarette was immediately confiscated by Prison Officer Bradley. How dared she smoke when she's supposed to be working - and who gave her the cigarette?Pandora had no intention of snitching on anyone so she kept silent. This particularly riled Prison Officer Bradley who tucking Pandora's head under her arm, starts spanking her. Despite her bottom looking very sore, she still keeps quiet. Then the questions changed. Now she was being asked if she was enjoying her job of sweeping the floor. Her immediate although rather unwise answer is to say it is boring. The spanking continues until she changes her opinion of the job and says it's a wonderful job.But still the prison officers are not satisfied with her answers - so Officer Stephen Lewis takes over from Office Bradley - he pulls her over his knee and spanks her long and hard. Eventually the spanking stops and Pandora is allowed to stand up. Then left alone again, she carries on sweeping the floor.

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