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Dreams of Spanking

Pandora Blake Spanking Star

Welcome to PANDORA BLAKE'S SPANKING SITE, the free content preview site of 'Dreams of Spanking', the award-winning production studio from one of the most famous and most exciting spanking performers on the net, Pandora Blake. Pandora is a UK spanking performer, sexual freedom activist and blogger. 'Dreams of Spanking' is the culmination of several years of inspiration and hard work. It represents Pandora's personal spanking kink as honestly as anything else she has ever done. 'Dreams of Spanking' offers high-quality, beautiful spanking films, photo galleries and audio stories which please the senses and excite the imagination. Here you'll find some free preview scenes, including hard spanking, traditional English punishment, severe caning, historical storylines, edgy fantasies, romance, drama, adventure and heartfelt dominance and submission.

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Spanking Sensuality at Dreams of SpankingFreshly caned and completely naked, Mila and Pandora examine each other's marks. The two young ladies enjoy a leisurely exploration of sensual spanking for mutual pleasure which leaves both of them rather hot and flustered!
Schoolgirl Takedown at Dreams of SpankingAfter refusing to hand over her lunch money, Ten is wrestled to the ground, slapped in the face, bound at the hands and feet and gagged with her own gym knickers. Schoolgirl bully Pandora Blake is determined to give Ten Amorette a serious thrashing.
Surprised in the Garden at Dreams of SpankingThomas fetches a birch and together, he and Michael prepare a sexy surprise for their naked submissive. Pandora Blake loves being naked outdoors. Enjoying the privacy of her garden, she takes off her white sundress and continues to work in the nude.
2 Punished Jockey GirlsJockey girl Pandora and her friend are presenting their severely marked buttocks after a long thorough caning on their are bottoms. Countless heavy marks from the cane that will last for several days. Very painful!
Jenny Wren at Dreams of SpankingShe nervously awaits the Superintendent in a private room of the HQ. She's heard rumors about some of the more severe disciplinary methods still employed in the Service, but so far hasn't experienced any punishment worse than extra physical training or tedious chores.
Casino CorrectionCasino owner Mike Pain employs a spanking game to punish distracted croupier Pandora Blake. A firm hand spanking over the knee, the leather paddle and belt. How many strokes? The roulette wheel will decide.

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Elenore, yesterdayWe love you Pandora!Klaus, yesterdayHello from germany :-) She was not on popular sites since long time. Is she ok, is she still spanking model?

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